Back to School!


Ah school,

As a young pup I remember walking through those finely lit hallways, smiling, and tipping my hat to passers by…perhaps falling ass backwards into a hella round of duck duck gooses, Those were days where the future held no bounds. The days whereTransformers kicked ass, and the Go-Bots were gayer than He-Man.
And Those were the very days of which we were to mold ourselves into quality adults. Those were the days when I could still be an astronaut, a scientist, or even the president of these United States…

SOMEONE SPIT IN MY EYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yeah school…

I, Through many days of soul searching I realized, that my dream to become an astronaut/scientist/the president of the united states, had taken a back seat to my second love…Smokin’ the fiiiinest cheeba, hwhoopin’ the tricks, and playin b-ball outside of the school.


Even though I have no interest in quitting any of those things, I have decided that if I am ever to be the best hwhooper of tricks, I better touch up on my maths.

At Mt. Hood community college March 29th…I did just that.

My first class was algebra, bright and early at 2:00 in the after noon…And let me tell you, I, was, exhausted!

But luckily, I was born with the alertness of a mastodon, because any normal person would’ve fallen asleep in the middle of class, due to exhaustion.

A couple things to know:

1. Photobucket

This is my teacher…and her last name is Titcomb

I shit you not…TITCOMB!

Her name might as well be Boobbrush…In fact…In hindsight, I should have told her that. I’d bet Dollars to donuts, That she’s never heard that before in her young life.

Speaking of young…honestly…How old does she look? I think she might be younger than me…ain’t that a bitch.


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